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5-year goal - Bible Study

In June of 2020 I decided to set a 5-year goal for myself to study 30 books of the Bible in 5 years. I thought it would be easy and I would get it done way sooner than 5 years. However, as life has gone on I have realized I may not ever finish my goal. Here is where I stand as of January 2022.

  1. Jude by Jackie Hill Perry I wrote a complete review of it here. my first one and by far my favorite.

  2. Better - A study of Hebrews by Jen Wilkin It was really good I wish I had the videos to go with it.

  3. Proven by Jennie Allen - Study of John. Did this with a small group of friends and really enjoyed it

  4. Esther by Beth Moore - I also did this with a group of friends. was a very in-depth look at Esther, maybe wouldn't do a Beth Moore study again though.

  5. Get of Your Head by Jennie Allen - Study of Phillipians - did this with 2 different groups and really enjoyed both times

  6. Renewed by Heather M. Dixon a study of Ruth. Really really enjoyed this one and would highly recommend

  7. James by Francis Chan - did this with our Young Adult group and an honestly say James might be my favorite and least favorite book of the Bible

So I only have 7 done. For Advent this year I did a study of Hebrews again but I have 3 days left in that study because - well maybe my priorities are just off. I have a few chapters left in my church's 2 Corinthians study from this summer.

I have another James one to do.

Since I challenged myself I am allowing myself to be able to do a book twice and count it. Because I am the boss.

Have you ever challenged yourself to study the Bible more?

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