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50 Births!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

50 | F I F T Y

Last week I reached my 50th (&51st) birth!!

It’s a big milestone for me! When I started my doula training I’d never even seen a birth before. Here I am 50 births later.

I have a birth journal that I record each birth that I attend and what I learned. Here are a few of things I’ve learned

Sometimes sitting in the corner and encouraging is all moms need

Pain meds are not a failure, moms need that reminder

Always make sure hose is in the toilet before you plug in the pump

Building trust and jumping in even when you’ve never met the mom goes a long way

Be a reassuring voice. It’s not always hands on.

Birth can be nuts

There is a time and a place for every. Intervention.

How to help navigate deviations from birth plans

Spinning babies is super effective

Sometimes mom never gets in a consistent labor pattern and baby still is born

Gentle massage is a great distraction

Breech birth is equal parts awesome and adrenaline pumping

Sometimes knowing the doula is on the way can cause you to progress

Delicate balance between rest and movement

The birthing smell is a real thing

“Wiggle your toes”

People love the fan

- just to name a few.

Thanks to my husband and kids for hearing me say “I’m so tired” all day long 50 times. And specifically to my husband for holding down the fort while I am gone doing something I love so much.

Here is to 500 more!! 🥂

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