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Doula Client Testimonial

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sarah and Justin had their first baby girl in May of this year! Here are her words on her experience with having me as their doula!

How would you describe your communication with Mary Piasecki?

Excellent. Very responsive on text which I really value and also readily available for phone calls. Even took my call after getting hit in the head with a softball. Now that's hard core! (And appreciated)

What did your Doula do that was most helpful prenatally?

I really liked the in person appointment/meeting and going through all the details. I had so many random texts too that she responded to all them which either answered a question, calmed my nerves, or helped me feel less anxiety.

What did your Doula do that was most helpful during your birth?

I really liked that I made sure to understand risks/benefits of everything and after I had asked my question I would make sure with her I had thought of everything. Also she massaged my "dead weight" leg for an hour or more and that really helped me feel calm and more comfortable- and she thought of that herself, I didn't have to ask.

How could your Doula have been more effective during your birth? Was there anything specifically you did not like?

I have no complaints at all. Mary was exactly what I wanted in terms of support and encouragement and knowledge

What do you feel was the most beneficial part of having a doula?

I feel like a doula/Mary had my interests and my family/baby at heart as the number 1 priority and that showed in all the things mentioned above.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience with your Doula?

Thank you again, I'm so happy I found you!

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