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Started from nothing… now we’re here!!

if you know me in the real life you know that we are building a house. I talk about it constantly. If you follow my Instagram you’ve seen a billion updates. We have had the opportunity to build our dream home! It’s been just under a year since we decided we were going to list our house and build.

We listed our house in November and our house got an offer right away. It fell through so we waited until January to list again. It sold quickly and we moved out of our house in February.

Soon after we closed on our lot. Because it was winter not much happened. I spent a lot of time making selections and buying things for the new place.

but in May we finally broke ground and started building!

Over the next few months we visited our house almost every day. Whenever there was a delay in the build - looking back it was built very very quickly - I would console myself by buying something or updating something! All of our selections are coming together and it is truly is our dream home. Each room, closet and decoration was hand picked by and for our family.

Philip worked really hard on keeping up with trades and making sure all of our selections were made. It has been such a fun process and I can’t even believe we are just about 2 weeks away from moving into our house!!

Stay tuned because there are so many more updates to come! From moving, unpacking, decorating etc. Not to mention doula, book, motherhood and Bible study content! Can't wait to post more!

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