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Bible Study Review - Jude

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have a goal of studying 30 books of the Bible in 5 years.

Whether that's a hermeneutics study or with a study guide. By myself or with a group of people.

Why? Because - I have found I need a bit of a fire under my bum to keep me motivated. and because I want to study more of the bible.

I finished my first one recently - Jude contending for the faith in today's culture by Jackie Hill Perry.

Overall thoughts I really REALLY loved this study. It is a 7-week study but took me about 8.5 weeks to finish. There are only 25 verses in Jude but Jackie dives deep into scripture. There are multiple Old Testament stories referred to in Jude and we had to look them all up. It was so incredible learning and pulling new things out of the Bible that I either forgot or did not know about.

Biggest Lesson I don't really even know if I could pick one. But I have to. So I will say verse 22 - Have Mercy on those who doubt. That hit me right in the feels. I am always not patient with people who claim to be Christians but doubt or don't believe the same way I do. But this was SUCH a great reminder to have mercy and be patient with them.

Secondly - there is NOTHING new under the sun. There have been false teachers since the beginning. I love allll of the signs, marks, and warnings of false teachers described in Jude. My favorite wandering stars AKA they aren't actually leading you anywhere....because stars were used for navigation back then...

Verse 11-13 might be my favorite.

Any negatives? There is a LOT of homework and looking up Bible verses. Which on one hand I loved but there were days I was just not into it. There were days I would write "I don't know" or "I don't want to do this!!"

Would Recommend? 10/10. I think you can do this study without the videos but I got SO much from them I would recommend getting those videos to add to your learning. Not to mention Jackie Hill Perry is hilarious.

Have you done this study??


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