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Welcome to Mary-Keith Piasecki the Doula

MaryKeith The Birth Doula

About Me

My Background

I see each pregnancy as a unique miracle. I've been a professional Doula based in Mid-Michigan since 2017. I am a mom, wife, and author. I believe in being a good friend and supporting women in every area of their lives. Motherhood specifically holds a special place in my heart.  I have been a doula since 2018. I have attended over 70 births in that time. I have been to homes, hospitals, and birth centers. I do not believe there is one particular way to birth a baby. How you choose to birth your baby is not my business. I am here to make sure you have all of you options, and are heard! If your birth takes an unforeseen turn I will be there to support and guide you! Please get in touch to set up an initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you and being apart of your birth story!

My Services

What I Do

PRENATAL MEETINGS: We have 1-2 Prenatal meetings to discuss what you're looking for in a birth experience. We discuss any fears and concerns and how I can best serve you. We will go over birth preferences and possible interventions

What Does it Look Like to work with Mary-Keith The Doula?

DURING PREGNANCY: I am available by phone and text during your pregnancy to offer support, a pep talk or answer any questions. I am in your corner the whole time!

YOUR LABOR: When labor starts and you think you're going to need support, I will be there. I offer emotional, mental, and physical support while advocating for your birth preferences we discussed in our prenatal meeting.

Mary-Keith The Birth Doula
Mary the Birth Doula

"Mary gave my husband and me a voice of direction and reason when we were exhausted, emotional, and out of ideas. When we transferred to the hospital, Mary came with us and continued to advocate and support us in the new environment. It made the home-to-hospital transfer much less scary."
P & J NM Rochester, MI



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