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Over the years I have had the privilege of working with some amazing families, here is what some of them had to say about our time together.



Pregnancy can be a stressful time, it relieved anxiety and gave me peace to know that i would have someone who is educated and compassionate there for me to help me reach my goal of having a medication free birth. As soon as she got to the hospital Mary was there advocating for me and my birth plan and reassuring me that I could do this and I was doing this! Thanks to her support and guidance I was able to achieve my goal. I highly recommend her doula services to any mamas to be.



Mary was excellent! She was always there when I needed her for emotional support or when I had questions. She responded very quickly. She kept me calm. She made me very comfortable and her coaching made all the difference. Mary was amazing! I would recommend her to anyone! No complaints whatsoever.

Birthing Room
Water Birth with Birth Doula


Jasmine H.

I found Mary very late in my pregnancy after debating whether or not to have a Doula for my homebirth, and I am so glad that I did! When plans changed and I had to go to the hospital for an induction, Mary was right on board and fully supportive of me and my options. She made me feel confident and calm, and that it was OK that the plan had changed. She kept me physically as comfortable as she could, while maintaining advocacy for what I wanted and needed. I highly recommend having Mary as a Doula, be at home birth or hospital.



Choosing Mary as my doula was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy and birth. Mary is knowledgeable, personable, and such a strong supporter every step of the way. During my pregnancy, she was a great resource and she always answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly. She also provided extra support when there was pressure from my care provider to deviate from my birth plan. During my labor and birth, she was a constant voice of reason and positive reassurance. I was so glad to have her there. She contributed to me having the birth of my dreams! Your doula search should go no further! Mary is a true gem!

Pregnancy Dress
Postpartum Doula supported Birth and Labor



When my husband and I found out we were having a baby, I felt overwhelmed. I knew nothing about pregnancy, or birth. But Mary helped walk me through every step. She patiently explained the nuisances of birth. As I became more comfortable with the idea of labor, she would help me process through more details. With her help, I was able to walk into labor and delivery with confidence, and stay true to my desired birth plan. 

When my husband and I were sent to labor and delivery, and we called Mary, she was ready to go! She showed up promptly & even came to the hospital before we thought we would need her (and I'm so glad she followed her doula-intuition because labor moved FAST!) 

She helped me process the reality of a birth that looked different than I prepared for, while encouraging me to advocate for myself and our baby.

During labor, she helped me remain calm & embrace every contraction. She would massage tense muscles and suggest positions to ease discomfort. She also encouraged my husband as he supported me. In addition, she kept family in the loop, so I could solely focus on leaning into birth. 

When it was time to push, Mary was right there... coaching me through every contraction. And when my son was born, blue and distraught, Mary was able to focus on me while letting my husband focus on our baby. 

With Mary's help, I was able to have a naturally induced labor. And I swear all her tips & wisdom, helped my labor progress quickly. She gave me the strength to get through the labor without pain medication. Because she assisted in keeping me calm & focused, I had minimal delivery injuries, and a virtually "pain-free" birth. 

Throughout the entire process, which could have been extremely stressful due to our sons distress, Mary was a source of strength, peace, and encouragement. She kept the mood in the labor room upbeat. It was so nice having someone on my team that I could look at and ask "is this normal?" and fully trust their response. 

Every pregnant couple needs Mary in their corner! It is so evident that she genuinely loves supporting pregnant women (and their partners). And she is a wealth of knowledge.



Mary is amazing and absolutely worth having as your Doula! She helped reassure me when I felt lost. She comforted me and provider breathing techniques. 

epidural happy labor doula supported birth
Blissful doula labor supported birth



The most helpful thing Mary did was come over and spend time with my husband I going over our birth preferences. She helped us understand our options, brought up some things to consider that we wouldn't have even thought about, and gave us tons of tips. There were things that happen during labor that we weren’t sure why or what the benefit/risk was and she explained everything to us in clear and understanding way so that we could make the best decisions. Having Mary’s presence, peacefulness, and wisdom during my labor was mentally, emotionally, and physically uplifting and helpful. Mary helped me stay calm and reminded me to breathe through every contraction. I was having a bit of back labor, so Mary would offer different massage techniques for during contractions and in between. She helped my husband and I both to stay calm. I can honestly describe the labor and delivery as intense, but incredibly empowering and peaceful. I am so thankful to Mary for being such a calming presence, and for seeming to know exactly what we needed at exactly the right time



She had a very peaceful presence and my husband said multiple times after the birth that he was so glad to have her there. I think he felt reassured that he wasn't the only person supporting me. Our baby had a little trouble when she came out and Mary was so reassuring and supportive. Also, she brought a portable fan which felt incredible during labor!!! Because I had such a fast labor, Mary was only there to support me for 40 minutes before my baby was born and we still feel like it was worth every single penny!

Water Birth


Michelle & Ivik

Man, my birth was a doozy. Mary was so steady throughout the entire thing, even as it spanned into days. She was quick to celebrate when my water broke, and reminded me to rest. As contractions picked up and we headed to the hospital, she was regularly checking in. When I unexpectedly was diagnosed with preeclampsia, and everything I had planned and hoped for in a birth was no longer an option, she kept me focused on having a healthy baby and being a healthy mama. As a first time mom, I had a loose plan for a natural birth, and all of the beauty that would entail. Due to complications, that changed, and I ended up with nearly every intervention, and 30+ hours of labor before the decision was made to have a c section. And Mary was there through it all. Her steadiness helped more than we could ever put into words. There's a lot of my labor that I don't remember (exhaustion, medication, blocked out birth trauma...) but as the weeks go on, my husband and I talk about how Mary really stepped up and helped us navigate all of the changes well. We felt so supported, every step of the way. Her knowledge and steadiness helped my husband be fully present with me. As a girl who can regularly feel like a burden, during birth I felt like a priority because of my birth team, including Mary. I am so thankful.

Doula Supported labor



Mary made me feel like I wasn't alone. That I had an advocate who knew what I wanted and I wasn't alone in the battle to achieve what I wanted, and I got it! She did a lot of the methods/positions that I was aware of to keep labor progressing, so I would just say keep on keeping on and the more knowledge the better!

Doula supported Labor and VBAC
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