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I wrote a book! I have been working on this project for over a year now. At first, it started as somewhat of a hobby but it has turned into so much more than that.

you guys. It is being published. By Hidden Hollows Publishing.

it really blows my mind when I think about how far this project has gotten.

My book is simply my story of wanting to be, becoming and figuring out motherhood. I talk about meeting my baby daddy/ love of my life, our marriage, two huge and painful losses, pregnancy woes and hospital stays, birth stories and my deep postpartum depression. And some funny stuff, too.

I want people who read it to feel like they aren’t alone. They aren’t the only ones who are going through these things. Or maybe you’re a dad or grandparent who wants some insight on motherhood.

Or maybe you like funny and sometimes hard stories about people‘s lives.

Or maybe you know how to read. Then this book is for you.

Actually there is even an audiobook coming out with it. So it is for all the people.

This book has been a joy to write and the editing process with the team (what?! I have a team?!) has been super fun I am really proud of it! And I cannot wait to share it with you all!!

Right now we are set to launch the book Mother’s Day Weekend!

if you would like to help me get this book out into the world please stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out all the ways you can join Team MaryKeith.


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