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You canNOT do it all.

Many women get down on themselves when they can’t quite do what they’re used to doing before they became mothers.

during pregnancy your body is going through a lot of changes. I mean you know this but I may need to remind you. girl, your internal organs are moving as we speak. Your body is growing another person. Your uterus is growing. You’re carrying so much weight.

so if you aren’t able to deep clean you’re whole house or walk as much. or you just want to stay home more. It’s ok. it really is.

those things can wait. give yourself permission to have a messier house than usual. Give your husband permission to clean the house. Even not up to your standards. Allow The social calendar to be emptier. dont worry about losing the baby weight yet. Focus on eating foods that fuel your body.

and after the baby comes? Rest.

rest. Rest. Rest. In a couple of weeks you’ll be able to do more. Today. Rest. Tomorrow rest. With time you’ll be back to your old self and off and running. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll be ok with a once a week deep clean instead of a bi-weekly deep clean. Your baby doesn’t care.

i have to remind myself often that I cannot do it all. I won’t be able to have a clean house, workout 3-5x/week, prep for 2 Bible studies, keep up with my social media, write as much as I “should”, play with my kids, cook good food, be present for and support my husband, and meet with clients and attend births, and be an attentive friend.

I can’t do it all. Every week is different sometimes I can do more some week

and it is ok. I’m no less of a woman, mom, wife, doula etc.

and if it’s ok for me to pick different priorities sometimes than it’s ok for you.

keep the main things the main things. For me my bible study needs to be done. My marriage and then my kids must be tended to. The rest have ebbs and flows of importance.

give yourself grace. You cannot do it all.

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