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No Mom is an island (Part 1)

No mom is an island.

Moms need each other. We need each other.

I think that is a fact. I think we need each other. And not just someone to complain to - though that can be helpful. We need people to be honest with us. We need someone to be the first one to admit they do not have it together.

Mom friends are crucial. But mom friends are hard to come by. When do we have time to go out and make friends? When do we have time to go out and feed into relationships we already have? We can't always do that.

I think maybe we can be overcomplicating it. We need friends - but we don't need to see and talk to everyone we know every day. that does not make them any less a friend. If we have learned anything during Coronavirus 2020 is that we need each other even when we can't physically be there with each other.

Because even though most things got stripped away...well our kids are still living with us. We still are potty training, feeding, bed time-ing, bathing, entertaining..all the things. Our lives are still going on and it's ok to admit that this is hard. and that before all of this - it was really hard.

Recently my first book launched and I have been getting a lot of great feedback from people. I have had multiple women reach out and say they have had similar struggles. Or they realized something about themselves while reading it.

I realized there is a lot of strength in vulnerability. Even though I still freak out a little thinking about people reading some of my most intimate struggles - I know it is all worth it because people have reached out thanking me for being honest.

I don't think this is just because I was honest, I think it is because someone needed someone to be honest with them. you can be that person for someone else. You can start by starting the conversation with a mom you know. Ask her if she struggles with X,Y,Z. Chances are she has. If she hasn't maybe she can give you another point of view to deal with what you're dealing with. Or maybe she can just listen and assure you that she cares about you. That you aren't crazy. This is just really hard.

So in conclusion - we need each other. You can be there for someone just beby being you!

Stayed tuned for part 2 where we talk about other mommy friend tips and ideas!


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