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No Mom Is An Island Part 2

Incase you didn't see part 1 check it out to see why I think we need mom friends.

Beyond mom friends, we need friends. Friends that are different than us. That can challenge us and grow us. Friends that are in different stages of life than us.

So how do you find these friends? If they are so important how come I am doing just fine without them?

I found 90% of my close friends at church.

and not just at after church or during welcome time.

I had to get involved. I met them in Bible Study or when I volunteered in the nursery.

So my #1 tip is to join a bible study and get involved in your church.

What if I don't go to church? What if I am not religious?

Well, one, you're welcome at church. I promise if that church is worth its salt they will welcome you with open arms.

Two, join a local workout class.

I go to barre intensity at a local studio (well I did before everything got shut down) but there are incredible people in that class. People I would never have met unless I started going there.

Three join a local mom's group.

They have these at the library, they have walking groups, there are lots of activities in your local area! I promise you there's something there. Look up your local Mom's facebook group and ask. The mom's will be happy to help. I follow my mom City Mom's on facebook and Instagram. these sites are FULL of great ideas.

My fourth tip is this:

DO SOMETHING. Friends will not fall into your lap. You have to go out and look for them!

Pray about it. Even if you don't believe in God. I do. and He is Listening. I promise.


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