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GIVE ME Motivation

Kids are going back to school and warm weather is winding down. At least where I live. I am packing up my summer clothes and pull out the fall sweaters.

Soon it'll be dark at 5:00 PM and with every change and a degree in temperature drop my motivation seems to drop and change with it.

This year I am homeschooling my K4/Preschooler so I have to stay motivated to get up every day and try and keep my cool and teach her letters and numbers.

Here are my best tips on staying motivated when you just aren't.

1. Don't try to be motivated in every way, every day.

You probably aren't going to find the motivation to workout, read your Bible, make your bed, homeschool your kids, deep clean the kitchen, and write love letters to your spouse every single day. Just pick one area and work on that first.

Pro Tip: If a daily Bible study isn't part of your daily routine START there. I promise it makes the rest of your goals easier and fall into place.

2. You're not always going to be motivated so you have to make habits.

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit so start TODAY and make a small goal and try for the next 30 days to do it every day. Soon it'll be a habit and it will motivate you to do it regularly.

ex: if you're trying to eat healthier... for the next 30 days try to drink a cup of water before you have your coffee

ex: if you're trying to study the Bible more...for the next 30 days read YouVersion bible reading plans on your phone before you check Instagram

3. Find an accountability partner

Things are easier in groups and when you have people around you. Grab a friend and ask her to help you do one of your goals. Ask her to check in on you and see how your water drinking is going, make a challenge with each other.

ex: If we both meet our water goal for a month we take each other to get manicures.

ex: "Hey Friend...Let's read a YouVersion Bible reading plan together" - I love the YouVersion app for this because you can read the Bible together and see if they're doing it.

4. Remember you have to do this

Sometimes you just need a harsh reminder that you don't have a choice. Your kids need to learn, your house needs to get cleaned, you are spiraling into isolation so you have to make a change

...Unless you don't... pick your battles. Maybe you're trying to do too much all that once. Your house does not have to sparkling, but your kids do need a mom who is present with them!

5. It isn't your strength anyway. God gives you the breath in your lungs and helps you take every step. When you feel like you have nothing left to give to your family, husband, kids, job, or even workout. Pray, take that next step. YOU GOT THIS!!!


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