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Preparing for the Postpartum Period- Honesty

I know this is going to be really hard but I want you to do your best and promise you something. Promise that you will be honest with yourself, your husband, and your friends and family. If you don’t want anyone to hold your baby for 2 weeks because you want them to build their immune system, tell your family. They probably are not going to like it, but it is your baby so you have to relay that information to them. They may not like it but, that’s on them and they will most likely get over it.

If you don’t want anyone to come over and chat and be in your space because you were up all night? Be honest. Tell your friend you are wiped and see if they can drop off the meal and leave. Maybe they can reschedule. Maybe she will still show up and play with your older kids while you hold your baby in bed and watch Netflix. That isn’t weird, that isn’t even rude. Not when you have a newborn baby. I know if my friend texts me and told me she was overwhelmed and just needed a minute alone I would come over play with her toddler, leave some food at her door and then see myself out. Maybe take her dog for a walk, get the mail, and water the plants. Without ever having seen her. Because I know that sometimes you’re just not up for it. We need to get over the mindset that having babies is super easy and you will transition super easily. Because when that does not happen it can be super damaging to the mom who just wants to get it right.

If you’re having Baby Blues but aren’t sure if you’re dipping into Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, or another Postpartum Mood Disorder, like Psychosis - please please please DO NOT BE ASHAMED. Call your doctor, your midwife, tell your husband, ask a friend. You do not need to walk this road alone. You are not alone, I promise there are people around you who want to help, please reach out!

**Suicidal Ideation/ Harming your baby is never normal please call your doctor if you are having these thoughts.

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