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Postpartum Depression

Has your provider talked to you about Postpartum Depression (PPD)? Do you know about the baby blues? It is important to know that your body's hormones are going to tank after you have your baby. This is completely normal and can last 48 hours to 2 weeks.

Symptoms of baby blues are

Feeling worried, irritable or nervous, feeling sad and cry a lot over things that typically wouldn’t bother you, feeling moody or cranky, having trouble sleeping (even when your baby is asleep), eating or making decisions, feeling overwhelmed and feeling trapped

These are normal and happen to 60-80% of moms even if it is their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc child.

Some moms have worsening baby blues that do not go away.

Unable to get out of bed.

Know the signs of PPD, know if you are at higher risk for PPD, and talk to your partner so they know the signs.

**Suicidal Ideation/ Harming your baby is never normal please call your doctor if you are having these thoughts.

When I had Molly, I had postpartum anxiety (PPA), but I was able to deal with that on my own. When I was pregnant with Ander, I knew that PPD and/or PPA could happen to me. I thought I was prepared. Once he was born, I accepted help, and I let things go around the house, and I was okay with it; I was prepared for it. I was exhausted and cranky, but I just brushed it all off, chalked it up to just “being tired.” After all, having a newborn is hard. As Ander got older and sleep had its ups and downs, I was not really finding a lot of relief. I was overwhelmed by my kids and my house. All aspects of life were starting to get more and more daunting. I wanted to have it all together. We had decided we were done having kids, because the newborn phase was just impossible for us. Which, again, was sooner than I ever expected, and that failure hung over my head like a dark cloud. I felt like my time was split too much between my two kids, and Molly was watching way more TV than I ever wanted her to. Every day I tried to be better; every day I tried to pay attention to each kid, but every day the weight of it all sunk down heavier on me. I tried to fix it all on my own, even though Philip was right there and willing and ready to help me with whatever I needed. I did not want to admit that I needed help, because I’d always wanted to be a mom; and now I was a mom, and I only had two kids. Some people have 4 kids, 5 kids, 6 kids, and they have it all down. I should be able to do all of this. I just needed to try harder and figure out the sleep thing, and then I would be fine. In my mind, sleep was the key to every part of my life falling back into place. I just want you to know that this is hard, I know.” You’re doing a good job. Like Philip told me - you are their mom. And if you believe in God, then you have to know that you did not get here by accident. And if you do not believe in God - then whatever your worldview is - know that this is the way that it is and your kids look up to you no matter what. They need YOU. YOU MATTER TO THEM. They don’t care if you are tired, no makeup, don’t go outside much, they watch TV more than someone else; they think you are the bee’s knees, and do not let Depression tell you any differently.

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