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Being prepared for the Postpartum Period

I think something that a lot of OB/GYN or midwife practices could do better on is education about the postpartum period. Or the 4th Trimester. I personally think it is super important to make a plan and research for the time after you have a baby. Most moms prepare for birth for hours but don't think about coming home from the hospital.


Do you want visitors at the hospital? Best to let your mom know early you would rather them wait until you're home before they come out.

Do you want to come to your house the day you get home from the hospital? Are there any requirements of visitors? (i.e. no runny nose, no headache, face masks, up to date on vaccinations)

Will you be allowing visitors to hold your baby?

Postpartum Depression.

Has your provider talked to you about Postpartum Depression (PPD)? Do you know about the baby blues? It is important to know that your body's hormones are going to tank after you have your baby. This is completely normal and can last 48 hours to 2 weeks.

Symptoms of baby blues are

Feeling worried, irritable or nervous, feeling sad and cry a lot over things that typically wouldn’t bother you, feeling moody or cranky, having trouble sleeping (even when your baby is asleep), eating or making decisions, feeling overwhelmed and feeling trapped

These are normal and happen to 60-80% of moms even if it is their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc child.

Some moms have worsening baby blues that do not go away.

Know the signs of PPD, know if you are at higher risk for PPD, and talk to your partner so they know the signs.


Come up with a rough idea about sleep. Are you both going to get up with the baby every time? Are you going to tag team? Are you going to be furious at him is he gets to sleep peacefully with his useless nipples? Would you hire a sleep consultant if it got too bad? Do you know how to tie your baby in a wrap or sling to be able to go for walks if they can't sleep? Ask a friend to show you how to maneuver them. Have these conversations and have a rough plan.

The asleep consultant group I used was Sleep Baby Consulting. Taking Cara Babies is another one I have heard phenomenal reviews about.


You've been through a lot physically. This is a great list of must-have for moms to assist in recovery...for your nips, bits and everything in between.

If you want more where that came from - stick around!! There is plenty more to come to help you have the best transition into motherhood or adding more into the flock.

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