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What is a doula?

I tell a lot of people I am a doula and not everyone knows what that is. Some people have an idea. Some people have wrong ideas.

So, please allow me to explain a doula.

A doula is a NON-medical professional. Doulas are not a replacement for a doctor or midwife. Doulas offer no medical services such as cervical checks, blood pressure evaluations. Doulas do not offer medical advice about moms or babies.

Doulas are your biggest cheerleader and fan. Birth can be daunting. Especially when you‘ve had a bad experience giving birth. Or no experience giving birth. Many times moms and partners have a lot of questions about pregnancy and birth and their provider doesn’t always have the time to answer them. Doulas want you to have the pregnancy and birth YOU desire.

Doulas are not just for natural births

From c-section to water birth and everything in between Doulas are there for you. To remind you to breathe. To talk you through what you might expect during labor. To answer questions or guide you to experts to answer your questions about pregnancy. To listen to your fears. To remind you that you were made for this. Giving birth is never easy. And we are here to walk you through.

Doulas are for dads, too!

Doulas can help dads navigate the emotions of labor. They are not a replacement for dad, we want to help you, too!

Have you ever had a doula? Let me know!


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