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3 Things you are missing from your baby registry

My last baby was born almost 3 years ago. And already there are several products on the market that are new since I had my son. I recently got rid of all of my baby stuff since we are done having kids and I realized kids really need as much stuff as marketing would lead us to believe. Every baby is different and some use more stuff than others. My kids preferred the cheap swing to the one that connected to my phone. My kids barely used swaddles so they all went to waste. They preferred empty boxes and tissue paper to toys.

So despite all of that there are actually 3

Things that I can almost guarantee you are missing from your registry that will change the game for you as mom. No matter if it’s your first pregnancy or 10th. These things will help you long beyond the newborn years and there’s lots of bang for your buck in each one.

  1. A sleep consultant. There are many sleep consultants that are no-cry or limited crying. They focus on noticing baby’s cues and following them and not missing nap windows that lead to over tired and over stimulated babies. When my son was 10 months old we hired a sleep consultant because we just needed sleep so desperately. It was effecting my mental health. If I could do it again I’d start with a newborn sleep training class and USE it from the beginning.

  2. Pelvic floor therapy. There are many countries that have pelvic floor therapy built into the postpartum recovery process. In America, it can be hard to get a diagnosis of pelvic floor problems, and finding the right therapists to help can be a battle. And then getting insurance to cover it is a whole other animal. After having babies our bodies NEED to be repaired. Our pelvis floor and abdominals take a huge beating. A weak pelvic floor can lead to peeing your pants- a weak core which leads to overcompensation from other muscles and in some cases hernias. I personally have tried tons of therapies to fix my ab separation and have found the best results with Nancy Anderson’s Ab rehab program. It is not expensive but does cost money.

  3. A doula. Doulas range in price from $500-$3000 in some areas. In my opinion both personally and professionally, doulas are WELL worth the investment. Statistically, they cut down on labor times and c-section rates. They help you feel more empowered to advocate for yourself and help you remain calm during your pregnancy and Labor. Sometimes hearing the price of a doula can make you decide they are too much for you. Why not ask your shower guests to donate money towards a doula?

NOW I am a parter with Be Her Village and you can add me to your registry!

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