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If you’ve been around this website for any amount of time you’ll see that I not only post about birth but I post a LOT about my personal life. My family. My friends. My church. My workouts. My shopping sprees.

I could keep this website and my

strictly birth related. But when you hire me as your doula you’re welcoming me into a very sacred time and place. Becoming a mother. Or welcoming another baby in your family - that’s a big deal.

And I hope that by being able to share parts of my world I’ll seem more human or like a friend that’s walking alongside you on this journey. Rather than someone you see face to face once or twice.

That means I’m not the doula for everyone. Not everyone is looking for that. But the ones that are - are.

I love all of my clients and I love the ones that have turned into friends.

Thanks for following along ❤️❤️

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