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Do I need to take a birthing class?

No, you don't. You don't need to take a childbirth class, just like you don't need to hire a doula, and you don't need to havesomeone you love with you when you give birth, and you don't need to pack a hospital bag - Lamaze

but all of those things will absolutely make your life easier.

one thing that surprises me is the lack of education most doctors provide clients. They don’t explain birth to them. There is no conversations of possible interventions. There is not explanation of “why” they might suggest an intervention. Other than “I’ve seen babies die”

most doctors expect you to take a class or

just trust them. And so Many clients and friends say “If I had known”

One thing that still surprises me is the lack of suggestions and support moms get in early labor. “Nope. Come back if you want an epidural or 6 cm”

its rare to find a provider that will suggest things to do in early labor to move the process along. Things like resting, curb walking, eating, drinking, 3 balances.

another thing that still surprises me is the lack of support during pregnancy. ”any questions for me?” No. i don’t know what I am doing, I feel so unprepared“

I became a doula because during my labors I received the most amazing support from my sister, husband and friends and doula. I wanted to be able to be that for moms going through pregnancy, labor and beyond. The more I learn about birth the more I love it. It’s an honor to walk beside growing families. I. Love. My. Job.

so. Do you NEED doula?!? no. But it sure would help!

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