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having a doula in the age of covid

Some of you might be wondering if it is even possible to have a doula in today's world. The world of masks and limited visitors. I am here to tell you that, yes it is possible.

One of the services that I have offered from day one of my doula practice has been digital doula.

As a digital doula, it is completely possible to give support without ever meeting face to face, or for us to meet but me not be in-person at your birth. Hospitals are changing policies often and some hospitals let Doulas in and others do not.

Whether your hospital is or isn't - sometimes moms want their mom there and not a doula. It is still possible to be supported from afar.


I am always available by phone and text while my clients are pregnant. Sometimes they have questions, concerns, or just want to chat or show me an ultrasound picture. All things I love.

Doctors do not always have time to answer every question you might have about pregnancy and birth. And while I always want you to check with your medical provider about medical emergencies or health questions I am here for everything else.

I also love giving recommendations about products, resources, people to follow on social media that are helpful, and all sorts of things.

We also meet (remotely or in-person depending on how coronavirus is going, your location and level of comfort) And talk about birth options, choices, preferences and a birth plan.

During early labor I can come to your house and help you with contractions and labor at home longer if that is your goal.

When you check into the hospital me and you and your partner will be in contact for support. Facetime, calls, and texts to make sure you're heard. I will empower you to ask for time to think about things the doctor is suggesting (unless it is an emergent situation) I will talk to your partner and troubleshoot if labor stalls and see if this is the natural course of labor OR if something might help you.

Support from afar, while maybe not ideal, is still possible!

If you have any questions about this service, please reach out!!


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