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What is in a name - Mary-Keith

Mary-Keith? Is that your last name? Is that your middle name? It's hyphenated? What kind of name is THAT? It's a weird one.

But it's is my name nonetheless. My whole life, until I was 21, I thought the story went this like: If I was going to be a boy I was going to be named Keith. Since I was a girl they named me Mary-Keith. Turns out, that isn't the case. I was telling the story to a friend one day and my mom was like "" It was my grandma's mother's maiden name (Keith) and her (my grandmother) name was Florence-Keith. Or something like that. In short, it is a family name. I could be completely wrong yet again.

Everyone thinks it is weird. I have been asked to leave many mommy facebook groups because they don't allow people to have joint accounts with their husbands. I used to fight the battle and tell them my husband's name is Philip and it is a family name. As of late I have decided it is not worth the battle or my time.

The older I get - I am now the ripe old age of 31 - I have learned to like it more and more. It is different but it is my name.


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