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What Will a Doula do?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Are you thinking about hiring a doula for your birth but aren't sure exactly what they do? Let me tell you.

As a doula I provide emotional, mental, and physical support and advocacy for my clients. I draw on my knowledge to provide physical and emotional support to women and partners. I am independent and self-employed. As your doula, I am working for you, not for your caregiver or the hospital.

That means I am there to help YOU achieve the birth you want. I meet with my clients before their birth and discuss their birth wishes and how they feel about interventions. We talk about what what their goals are, thoughts on pain management, and things they are worried about.

I get to know mom AND dad and find out what they are looking for in having a doula. I have been hired for a whole host of reasons from just having no idea what birth will be like to being on their 3rd baby and just wanting some extra support.

I am a part of the birth support team and I am never there to replace anyone.

During pregnancy I am available for support and encouragement. sometimes you have a question and are not going to see your doctor for another month. And while I will NEVER give you medical advice or tell you to go against your provider's wishes I can help you get information to make a choice in your medical care.

I draw on my knowledge and resources to help you make informed choices. And sometimes you just need a little pep talk. If an induction is looming or you can't sleep at night. I am there to remind you that this WILL be over, you will get to hold your baby and it IS worth it.

I am on call from 38-42 weeks and have a backup ready to go in the event that I am at another birth, am sick, or there is a family emergency.

During birth I provide emotional support - I.e. reminders to breathe and stay calm. The more calm your mind is the faster your body can open up.

I have attended spinning babies training and use that knowledge to suggest effective positions to help labor continue along.

I bring heat pads and tennis balls for massage sometimes a gentle massage can help take the edge off of intense contractions.

I help remind you of your birth plan and help you stick to it and help you navigate if there’s a deviation from your birth plan. Sometimes things happen and baby tells us that what we wanted in our birth is not going to happen. Sometimes you can't stop throwing up and need an IV. I am there so you do not feel like things are happening TO you without your consent and to navigate a change in what your vision for birth was. I do my best to help you and dad remain calm and make informed choices during the labor process.

During pushing I sometimes end up holding one of your legs while dad stays by your head and can hold your hand and remind you how awesome you are. I cheer you on as we start to see your baby's head and remind you that you're almost done. After baby is born I remind you to talk to your baby and talk you through if any complications arise. I stay until 1 hour after birth to make sure you and baby are stable before I head out.

THAT is what it is like having a doula. If you would like to know how my clients have said working with me is like check out my testimonials here!

Want to work with me? Let's connect!

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